At JTB Consulting we help turn ambitious, fast growing consumer products companies into progressive manufacturers by infusing lean principles into all areas of the business. We help create sustainable competitive advantage by closely connecting the customer to the manufacturing process and improving operational performance across the entire value chain.

Our expertise

  JTB Consulting mass customization services

Mass Customization 

Unlike any other consulting practice, we have specific experience in developing mass-customization programs from the ground up to help brands produce bespoke products on demand with the same efficiency as a mass-produced product.

JTB Consulting supply chain services

Supply Chain

Supply chain innovation is one of the key ways for manufacturers to generate dramatic growth. We use lean principles to help companies become supply chain innovators.

  JTB Consulting manufacturing services

Lean Manufacturing

Transforming how a brand makes its products is a source of exponential growth. We combine in-depth manufacturing insight with practical expertise in operations and economics to help our clients create sustainable growth.

  JTB Consulting systems services


Effective downstream systems open up opportunities for growth. We help manufacturers choose the right platforms, from ERP and OMS technology systems to logistics and warehousing solutions.

  JTB Consulting sales services


Is complexity killing your sales model? From strategy and planning to management and compensation, we help our clients streamline their sales processes for bottom line results

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